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Speaking at Conference

Carry Yourself with Confidence

Get the job, make the sale, present with poise, make small talk, and unlock opportunities. 

With both one-off and subscription coaching available, you can work with Louis to nail a particular conversation, or meet on a regular basis for continual development. 

Level up important conversations while staying true to who you are 

Getting passed over in job interviews, failing to close a big sale, freezing up in front of a crowd, avoiding tough conversations because you're not sure how to approach them -- it's easy to feel like you're the problem. 

In fact, speaking and presenting with a more truly authentic voice is the answer to making stronger connections and unlocking opportunities. 

Conversation coaching, no matter who you are or what conversation you need to improve, will help you identify your goals and then reach them by teaching you the "soft skills" that seem to come naturally to other people. You can learn to how to become a more effective and confident speaker, and I know this because I've seen my clients overcome their fears and achieve professional and personal goals with the tools they learned through coaching.

Get Started

All 1:1 coaching starts with a no-obligation free intro session. During this session, we'll discuss your goals, pain points, and ensure that working together is a good fit. 

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