Do you struggle to communicate confidently?

Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • I often avoid ‘tough conversations’ and/or confronting people with my honest opinion.

  • I’d rather die than speak in front of a group in public.

  • I'm a successful professional but I struggle to talk about my achievements.

  • I get nervous or sometimes 'blank out' during important conversations.

Conversation Coaching can help you communicate confidently and effectively to get what you want in your personal and professional life. 

What are the benefits of conversation coaching

  • Nail your next job interview (or be a better interviewer!)

  • Communicate effectively with clients

  • Have that big scary talk you've been putting off

  • Stop feeling like you just committed "word vomit"



Meet Louis Melendez

Before I became a communication coach, I gained tremendous experience as a sales leader at Yelp and other companies as well as an improv and live comedy performer. Whether I was handling a heckler at a live show, presenting to executive leadership or navigating a tough sales call, I always relied on the same core communication skills for a positive outcome. In 2020, I founded Have Better Conversations to teach others how to communicate confidently and effectively to get what they want in their personal and professional life.


Here’s a few more highlights about me:


  • Coached hundreds of people, including executives and TED Talk speakers

  • Negotiated $5M+ in digital ad sales at Yelp

  • Helped raise more than $4M+ for charity at Charitybuzz

  • Conducted 400+ job interviews

  • Managed & trained dozens of sales & customer service people

  • Cofounded the team-building service Workflo

Work With Me


Here's a few examples of conversations that can benefit from coaching:

  • Job interviews (Both interviewer and interviewee)

  • Sales & client management

  • Giving & receiving feedback

  • Presentations & public speaking

  • Confrontations & sensitive topics

In our first strategy session, we'll identify the challenges you're facing and work on some practical techniques that you can start using immediately. Every person's communication challenge is different - my coaching is designed to help you express yourself better with your own words and in a way that feels natural and builds confidence. 

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