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Essential People Skills Academy

This 3-month group program will help you master the most essential conversational skills. The Essential People Skills Academy starts in March 2024!

Enrollment closes February 29!

Learn how to build connections and work your network to get what you need professionally and personally 

You've heard it said that it's not what you know, but who you know. So, how do you meet the right people and get what you want?

Imagine yourself at a conference or networking event, do you: 

  • Confidently tell people about yourself OR downplay your experience? 

  • Attend OR avoid the scheduled mingling sessions? 

  • Idolize professional experts OR introduce yourself and sell your worth?

Talking about yourself, asking for what you want, and working your network are skills that you can learn and improve with coaching and practice.

The Academy is an intensive three-month program designed to build skills, confidence, and impact

The Academy meets at set times twice a month, with group coaching and the opportunity to receive and provide feedback in a group setting. Participants will:

  • Set goals related to the essential people skills of telling your personal narrative, cultivating a strong presence and first impression, and building connections through networking and mingling

  • Follow a three-month plan to exercise and improve these skills

  • Have access to different levels of help from a conversation coach invested in your success

  • Practice their people skills with actual people

Essential People Skills Academy Curriculum


We're focusing on the three most essential skills to have better conversations: 

  1. Crafting and delivering your personal narrative

  2. Making a strong first impression

  3. Building connections through networking and mingling

Each month tackles one of the three most essential skills and consists of: 

  • A group coaching session with Louis

  • Guided exercises between sessions

  • A Group share and feedback session to improve and hone your skills learned in group coaching



How are you telling your own story? Does it differ when you're talking to different people? Do you have a narrative for work but not for making personal connections? 

March is all about digging into who you are, how you can boast about your accomplishments, and being confident you're putting your best foot forward in any introduction.



Now that we have a compelling personal narrative, how are we ensuring we’re heard? It all starts with presence and the power of the first impression.

This month will cover the four pillars of likeability, and how to choose compassion over selfishness & curiosity over close-mindedness.


MEETS MAY 8 & 22

Networking is one of the most essential people skills that we must master to access opportunity. Personal narrative & strong first impressions bring us to the right door - networking skills allow us to open it and step through. 

This month will cover social archetypes and also delve into the concept of strong ties & weak ties and discuss strategies on how to make the best use of our connections.



At the end of May, we're putting it all together, and we're throwing ourselves a party while we're at it! Share your progress and skills with the Academy cohort and guests, and celebrate your achievements over the last three months.

Sign Up

The Academy meets on Wednesday nights March 13 & 17, April 10 & 24, and May 8 & 22 with a celebration night on May 29. 

A select number of Academy spaces are available for pay-what-you-can tuition. Please email to learn more. 

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