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Virtually every aspect of our lives are defined in some way by Important Conversations. Placating an unhappy customer, navigating a complex business deal, arguing with your partner, maybe even just talking with a parent - all of these are interactions that we often walk away from wishing we had expressed ourselves better. Making sure that the person you’re speaking with understands what you’re trying to get across while also feeling heard and respected is one of the trickiest balances to navigate well.
I’ve coached hundreds of people on how to make sure the conversations they’re having are effective, human-oriented and ultimately focused on the outcomes they’re pursuing. I genuinely enjoy helping other people communicate more effectively. Creating HBC felt like a natural extension of the skills I’ve built professionally in the last 10 years.


My Story


I started my career in Having Better Conversations as a cold salesperson at Yelp. Over my tenure at the company, I went from learning the basics of chatting with pizza shop owners to managing a team of a dozen sales people, selling millions of dollars in advertising. I lead the company’s new york city efforts in training new leadership and often lead the training on having difficult conversations with business owners. I was also one of the top hiring managers, having personally conducted hundreds of sales interviews.
After Yelp, I took some time to work on entrepreneurial pursuits, during which I had the pleasure of coaching a TED Talk! With over 15 years experience as an improv comedy actor and stand up comedian, I was able to help shape the talk and provide some coaching around cadence and delivery.
More recently, I continue to manage the customer service team at a luxury charity auction house, where I work on problem solving with high net worth individuals and celebrity, luxury donors.

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